Welcome to NPC Labs


Rethinking how we tackle the sectors biggest challenges.

NPC Labs is NPC's open innovation space for sharing our ideas, experiments and project development.

Have a look around, see what we're up to and, if there's something you're interested in, get in touch!

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We Collaborate

We think working together on digital is essential for the charity sector to increase its collective impact. If you want to talk to us about something you're working on get in touch using, info@thinknpc.org.

We listen and learn

We don't know all the answers—and in a constantly changing world nobody does. But by listening and learning from the people who use our services, and each other, we think we can work towards better, more joined up digital services.


Doing digital better in the charity sector means thinking a bit differently. We need to move beyond making digital products for people, to working with people to identify and address the gaps in the system.


We don't want charities to be left behind by the digital world or miss out the potential of digital. So we'll be sharing everything we learn through our work and making everything we produce open and accessible.