Human Centred Design PART 1: Event Write-Up

Rose Anderson

I went to a virtual event on 30th September called Human Centred Design PART 1, hosted by Third Sector Lab and Jess Gildener, who has worked in and with charities and social enterprises for nearly 20 years. Below are the highlights from this event. In her introduction, Jess described herself as a ‘reformed perfectionist’ and argued in favour of aiming for work that is ‘okay’ rather than ‘perfect’. That way, you can make incremental improvements and focus on the perspective of your users and their needs (rather than the perspective of yourself and the effort you put into it). Jess… Read more “Human Centred Design PART 1: Event Write-Up”

Reflections on our project plan

Rose Anderson

As NPC works on My Best Life, a project exploring tech solutions to the problems faced by young people, we’re committed to posting regular updates and sharing our findings. Here, I’ll be sharing the key topics of discussion from our most recent Steering Group meeting. We want to understand why young people want to access services. We already know how young people access services, and now we want to explore what motivates them. This doesn’t just mean whether they’re looking for counselling, advice or recreational activities. It means we want to know whether it’s the service itself that motivates young… Read more “Reflections on our project plan”