We need Digital Collective Impact

Tris Lumley

NPC is a nonprofit organisation, whose mission is to help the social sector achieves its greatest potential. Helping the sector to harness the benefits of digital technology is, therefore, at the heart of our mission. Armed with decades of collective experience of trying to help nonprofit organisations build their capacity in areas like impact measurement, evaluation and governance, we believe there is a need for more ambitious thinking on digital technology than ‘Capacity-Building 101’. Collective Impact is a model that has gained significant ground since it was coined by FSG in 2011. There are significant and important critiques of the… Read more “We need Digital Collective Impact”

What’s wrong with digital in the social sector?

Tris Lumley

Digital technology promises tremendous potential benefits in every area of the social sector. It offers scale where services are often too limited to meet demand, and accessibility where products and services can be hard to find and reach. Perhaps most excitingly, digital technology can empower by giving people the information, advice, tools and connections they need, and letting them get on with making progress in their own lives. Just imagine the last time you needed to solve a problem where accessing information, services, guidance or support was part of the solution. My bet is it would have been a whole… Read more “What’s wrong with digital in the social sector?”