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Welcome to the Building Connections Fund!

Giulia Todres

On this page, we will be sharing information on how BCF grant-holders have been adapting the ways they think about measurement and evaluation in light of Covid-19. We’re sharing this information to facilitate learning across the sector and help organisations to support well-being and connection in their users at this difficult time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with… Read more “Welcome to the Building Connections Fund!”

Emerging tips to help your remote project tackle loneliness and improve wellbeing

Giulia Todres

As part of our work with grant-holders during Covid-19, we have been pulling together informations, resources and examples for them to draw on when considering how they can adapt their services to the current context. This has been informed by the issues, challenges and questions that have been raised by grant-holders since the crisis. Take a look at the full document here. So far, it covers the following topics: Digital Delivery Digital Inclusion Safeguarding Evidence for the effectiveness of digital interventions Measurement and Evaluation We will be adding more information to meet the developing needs of organisations over the coming… Read more “Emerging tips to help your remote project tackle loneliness and improve wellbeing”

Building connections during lockdown

Giulia Todres

The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) is part of the Building Connections Fund Youth strand. Prior to the lockdown RSBC ran monthly supper clubs for young people with a vision impairment across London. When the lockdown kicked in RSBC decided to move Supper Clubs online – read about it in this case study from the Co-Op Foundation.… Read more “Building connections during lockdown”

Creating safe online spaces for young people

Giulia Todres

Since the lockdown began many organisations, including many of those funded by the Building Connections Fund, have had to adapt and moved to online delivery. In this blog, Kelly Bradshaw-Walsh from the Centre for Youth Impact explores how social distancing has led to a new focus on safe online spaces. The Centre for Youth Impact has been working in partnership with NPC on the ‘youth strand’ to evaluate the fund’s effectiveness. … Read more “Creating safe online spaces for young people”

The Building Connections Fund and COVID-19

Giulia Todres

Before Covid-19, NPC was working with a really committed group of grant-holders to capture evidence and understand how the fund tackled loneliness.  Once the pandemic hit and lockdown restrictions were imposed however, it was clear that it no longer made sense to continue as previously planned. The dramatic lifestyle changes imposed by social distancing meant survey responses about loneliness and well-being could no longer be fairly compared to any follow ups after March 2020. Moreover, services themselves were changing dramatically. The virus has forced a major shift to digital and telephone services as grant holders adapt to keep pace with… Read more “The Building Connections Fund and COVID-19”

What is the Building Connections Fund?

Giulia Todres

The Building Connections Fund is an £11.5m partnership between seven government departments, The National Lottery Community Fund, and Co-op Foundation. It is the first ever cross-government fund dedicated to reducing loneliness in England The fund aims to: increase social connections, helping people form strong and meaningful relationships and creating a sense of community and belonging, and helping people feel more connected support organisations to build on their existing work, e.g. by reaching more people, or working in a new area or with a different method or group of people encourage organisations to join up with others locally improve the evidence… Read more “What is the Building Connections Fund?”