Collective Strategy


Testing the feasibility of a programme of strategy support

Nicola Pritchard

As part of our work for the Childhood Trust we’ve been exploring the challenges and opportunities for supporting children’s charities with their individual and shared strategy development. So far we’ve published our aims for the work, the key challenges uncovered and some of the areas our research has shown to need to more support. We’ve since been reflecting on what all of this might mean for a strategic programme of support for the sector. What shape might it take and who might be involved? Before working through ideas for the design of the programme we first decided to come to … Read more “Testing the feasibility of a programme of strategy support”

Which organisations are most in need of strategy support?

Theo Clay

As part of our ongoing research with The Childhood Trust, looking at how best to support charities in the children’s sector to strengthen their leadership and strategy, we’ve been exploring a range of  programme ideas and focus areas for what support could look like. In our next post we’ll be posting our ideas for programme design, but for now wanted to give an overview of some possible focus areas that have emerged from our interviews. From our conversations with sector leaders,  it emerged that having a clear focus area will be critical in ensuring 1) that the programme is tailored… Read more “Which organisations are most in need of strategy support?”

8 barriers to effective shared strategy

Nicola Pritchard

My colleague Charlotte recently shared news about an exciting new project we’ve kicked off with The Childhood Trust, exploring how best to support organisations in the children’s sector to strengthen their strategies, individually and collectively, to make positive transitions through this crisis and beyond. We’ve been speaking to lots of leaders in the children’s sector to explore the common issues and barriers they face when it comes to shared strategy. Below we take a look at 8 common barriers, and reflect on what sort of support might help shift the dial in future. 1 Profound ideological differences that are often… Read more “8 barriers to effective shared strategy”

Leaving ego at the door

Theo Clay

Above all else, strategy should be about one thing: the community you are trying to help. At NPC, whenever we run theory of change workshops, we always start by trying to get people to identify their ‘target group’. The term always seemed a little aggressive to me, a bit like something you’d hear in the military, or worse—a recruitment agency. But at its core it’s about making sure you don’t lose sight of the people you are supporting in whatever you do. However, too often in the sector we instead hear stories ego. Tabloids love seizing on the falls from… Read more “Leaving ego at the door”

Seizing the opportunity for a strategic shift by charities tackling child poverty

Charlotte Lamb

NPC occupies a unique position between charities and their funders, and is committed to using this position to influence charities’ and funders’ response to the Covid-19 outbreak. We have already embarked on a programme of work in this area: Developed high-level guidance for philanthropists and foundations to inform their response to the coronavirus outbreak; written an open letter to philanthropists in the FT calling for them to respond quickly and courageously, and for government to support this response; and published an open data platform to inform funders’ responses and allocation of resources geographically, based on live demand data from charities.… Read more “Seizing the opportunity for a strategic shift by charities tackling child poverty”