My Best Life


Weeknote w/c 17th May 2021

Rose Anderson

What we did We prepped and ran a Zoom meeting with a large group of young people from across many of Lambeth’s groups, such as the Lambeth Youth Council and the Lambeth Young Advisors programme. Some had already seen the app, whereas others were new to the project. We sought their feedback on the updated version of the app, any new features they still wanted to see, and our new logo. What we’re thinking about This week, we’ve focused on recruitment for our in-market testing. We’re exploring the different ways to connect and engage a wide range of young people,… Read more “Weeknote w/c 17th May 2021”

Weeknote w/c 3rd May 2021

Rose Anderson

What we did We held a Steering Group meeting with our partners to update them on the progress of the app. They were impressed with the work we’ve been doing so far and how much the app has progressed since the last Steering Group meeting, especially the quiz and the safeguarding feature. We ran a Young Person Steering Group where we asked for ideas for a name for the app, among other things. We’re planning for an upcoming Demo Day with four other organisations developing similar digital products for young people—LVN, Mee Too, Youth Card, and MBL (NPC’s programme)—to explore… Read more “Weeknote w/c 3rd May 2021”

Insights: all things branding and design

Kathryn Dingle

We know the look and feel of the app and brand association is really important to young people engaging with it and trust it so, in our latest young person steering group we explored the branding (name, icons etc) and design for our app. Here are some of the exercises we did and the insights we gathered. All of our sessions are remote, using a Google Jamboards and Zoom to complete the exercises. Colour palettes: To decide on colour palettes we ran a series of exercises: firstly looking at existing health and wellbeing apps the group already uses. We explored… Read more “Insights: all things branding and design”

Highlights from our Integrate Event

Rose Anderson

Recently, we ran an event with Integrate, a communities and voluntary services organisation in Lambeth that has done a lot of work with Lambeth Council and has helped us get connected to their members. We talked to charities about the app and how it could help them, inviting them to use Mentimeter to record their thoughts. This blog summarises their feedback—much of it positive! After explaining what My Best Life is all about and giving a brief demonstration of the app, we asked people for their initial impressions. As you can see from the above bar chart, no-one really had… Read more “Highlights from our Integrate Event”

Another sneaky peak at our app…

Kathryn Dingle

Back in January I shared a quick video of our prototype so far. Here is an updated version of the prototype based on two rounds of development and testing with young people from across England. We still have another round of changes to make, but we wanted to share what it looks like so far! Click below to see a video of our work so far!… Read more “Another sneaky peak at our app…”

Weeknote w/c 19th April 2021

Rose Anderson

What we did We ran an event with Integrate, a communities and voluntary services organisation in Lambeth that has done a lot of work with Lambeth Council and has helped us get connected to their members. We talked to charities about the app and how it could help them. After the Integrate event, we had an internal scoping session to go over what came out of the event and what it means for us, so we know what we need to prioritise. We’ve been reflecting on our recent user testing with young people from our Steering Group and their friends… Read more “Weeknote w/c 19th April 2021”

Weeknote w/c 12th April 2021

Rose Anderson

What we did We planned our approach for the in-market testing work we’ll be doing at the end of Beta 2 (1st June). We’re planning interviews with young people, surveys, site visits and hopefully some bigger events too. We spoke with Kerstyn Comley, Co-founder of an app called Mee Too, and discovered and explored opportunities to collaborate in the next phase of work. Mee Too are exploring how to introduce young people to relevant services through the mechanism of peer support. They’ve been piloting in Somerset and are looking to move into new areas soon. Lots of interesting opportunities here.… Read more “Weeknote w/c 12th April 2021”

Meet the team for 2021!

Kathryn Dingle

My Best Life is a collaborative programme between young people, UK Youth, The Mix, Leap Confronting Conflict, Founders and Coders, Neontribe, Integrate, NPC, Lambeth Council and Cambridge City Council. NPC’s intention is for a charity partner or consortium of partners to take on future ownership should the proof of concept be successful. Most importantly, we have worked with young people from across England to design the app, from design sprint team members, through to our steering group, user testers, branding support and bug testers. We are also discussing plans to work with young people to user test the app once… Read more “Meet the team for 2021!”

About My Best Life

Nicola Pritchard

Reimagining how young people discover and access services and opportunities in their local area. Many young people today, and particularly those living in poverty, face multiple challenges: high likelihood of insecure and inadequate housing, poor employment prospects relative to their wealthier peers, and a higher probability of substance misuse and mental health problems later in life, to name just a few.  And yet, our research has shown young people find it hard to find adequate support, and when they do, it rarely feels ‘for them’.  My Best Life (MBL) is NPC’s collaborative project trying to tackle this problem. We are… Read more “About My Best Life”