Open Philanthropy


Can philanthropy ever be open and inclusive?

Tris Lumley

Image of a woman holding a sign that says open
Leaders in philanthropy are increasingly talking about how it can be more inclusive, open and transparent. Yet it is still overwhelmingly private and opaque. If philanthropy became radically open, it could help build a new commons of knowledge, insight and decision-making. It’s time to explore a new field – open philanthropy. It’s hard to avoid hyperbole when thinking about the times we’re living through, and the context in which European philanthropy is operating. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many aspects of life to a standstill; created great suffering, illness and death; threatened industries and public services; magnified and increased inequalities;… Read more “Can philanthropy ever be open and inclusive?”

Open Philanthropy: Maximising the impact of philanthropy

Michelle Man

Philanthropy is weak and fragmented. Business as usual is no longer an option. In the face of increasingly complex global challenges, individual actors lack the resource to tackle the scale and scope of urgent problems. Closed practices drive a lack of information in the field. Individualism undermines coordination. And these dynamics in philanthropy drive competition between charities. There is growing recognition that philanthropy arises from inequality, funding practices can reinforce inequities, and philanthropists can be a key part of the problems they exist to solve. As problems grow in complexity, scale and uncertainty, the need for effective philanthropy has never… Read more “Open Philanthropy: Maximising the impact of philanthropy”