Open Philanthropy


OP Weeknote 3

Jane Dodson

A peek inside NPC’s Open Philanthropy programme. This week I’m delighted to share our first prototype for our funding cycle, a summary of the process we have been through to create it and to also invite your input. Collaboration and Process So good to spend time at NPC HQ with colleagues working on our design for our grants process! Prior to the workshop we reviewed the many different elements or mechanisms of open philanthropy we have discovered so far. These were given a RAG (red, amber or green) rating. Green indicates that there is every reason to include in our… Read more “OP Weeknote 3”

Understanding Financial Hardship

Naomi Chapman

When our pop-up foundation launches later this year, the focus of giving will be financial hardship in the UK. Though this focus was selected before the Open Philanthropy programme got started, it is an increasingly relevant area of need due to the cost of living crisis, and as such we feel a real responsibility to ensure that evidence we provide to our funding panels is accurate and complete. This weeknote summarises our understanding of financial hardship, how we have got there, and invites you to complete a short survey to improve our knowledge. Our current understanding  A full draft report… Read more “Understanding Financial Hardship”

OP Weeknote 2

Jane Dodson

This month we welcome a new team member, focus on drawing together the knowledge we have gained so far, and think ahead to the design of our funding cycle.  Discovery  For us, in this programme, including a broad range of key stakeholders in our planning, sense-making, and decision-making is hugely important. We are prioritising findings that are informed by lived experience of those groups that evidence tells us are disproportionately affected by financial hardship.   Valuable insights are coming out of the initial interviews and desk-based work. A picture of who is most affected, the impacts of the pandemic on financial… Read more “OP Weeknote 2”

OP Weeknotes 1

Jane Dodson

A peek inside NPC’s Open Philanthropy programme Jane Dodson   Our challenge is to design and deliver an open funding cycle, record and evaluate the process, create a toolkit and establish a community of practice.   This week, I’m reflecting on the first few months in this role, what we have achieved so far, and the context in which we are working. Discovery One of the exciting things about this project is having the freedom to create something new by building upon what is already good. We’ve started by scanning the philanthropy sector, and wider grant-giving practice, looking for transparent… Read more “OP Weeknotes 1”

Can philanthropy ever be open and inclusive?

Tris Lumley

Image of a woman holding a sign that says open
Leaders in philanthropy are increasingly talking about how it can be more inclusive, open and transparent. Yet it is still overwhelmingly private and opaque. If philanthropy became radically open, it could help build a new commons of knowledge, insight and decision-making. It’s time to explore a new field – open philanthropy. It’s hard to avoid hyperbole when thinking about the times we’re living through, and the context in which European philanthropy is operating. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many aspects of life to a standstill; created great suffering, illness and death; threatened industries and public services; magnified and increased inequalities;… Read more “Can philanthropy ever be open and inclusive?”

Open Philanthropy: Maximising the impact of philanthropy

Michelle Man

Philanthropy is weak and fragmented. Business as usual is no longer an option. In the face of increasingly complex global challenges, individual actors lack the resource to tackle the scale and scope of urgent problems. Closed practices drive a lack of information in the field. Individualism undermines coordination. And these dynamics in philanthropy drive competition between charities. There is growing recognition that philanthropy arises from inequality, funding practices can reinforce inequities, and philanthropists can be a key part of the problems they exist to solve. As problems grow in complexity, scale and uncertainty, the need for effective philanthropy has never… Read more “Open Philanthropy: Maximising the impact of philanthropy”

Our guidance for philanthropists

Will Hanford

At NPC we’re beginning a collaborative effort to help philanthropists keep charities serving throughout the coronavirus crisis, and prepare for whatever challenges the post-covid world will hold. As a first step we’re publishing the guidance from our consultants on how specific areas will be affected and what philanthropists can do. Stay up to date with our efforts by following us on twitter and signing up to our newsletter. We’re keen for this to be a sector-wide effort, so let us know what you think and send in your ideas!… Read more “Our guidance for philanthropists”