Rethink Grant-making


Diversity, equity, and inclusion in grant-making needs radical new approaches: The Baobab Foundation could offer one

Angela Kail

99% of foundation trustees in England and Wales are white. It is little wonder then that the sector has a diversity and inclusion problem. During the last year, many charities and foundations have been taking a belated long, hard look at their DEI approach, and realising how far we have to go, Fortunately, a range of vital initiatives have been established during that time that can help us along this journey. One new foundation, the Baobab Foundation, offers a particularly exciting approach that could light the way. A ‘by us, for us’ approach Led by the black and ethnic minority… Read more “Diversity, equity, and inclusion in grant-making needs radical new approaches: The Baobab Foundation could offer one”

Trust-based philanthropy: a model for post-Covid grant-making?

Clare Wilkins

With many funders rapidly having adopted flexible funding processes in response to the Covid crisis, there are a range of initiatives now exploring how to make these temporary shifts permanent. Trust-based philanthropy could offer an approach. The Trust-Based Philanthropy Project originating in the US in January 2020 with involvement from The Whitman Institute, the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and the Headwaters Foundation, seeks to reframe how most funders view their giving and, through that reframing, to change attitudes and behaviours in a way that redistributes power.   Funders are challenged to change their mindset from one of scepticism to one of… Read more “Trust-based philanthropy: a model for post-Covid grant-making?”

Rethinking philanthropy means going open

Clare Wilkins

Philanthropy is now expected to tackle more problems than ever before. Those problems are growing in complexity, scale, and urgency – all set against a backdrop of global uncertainty.   Philanthropy is confronting big questions: given finite resources, how is it to tackle the major issues it seeks to address? Especially when it is hampered by individualism, unequal power dynamics, limited information, and false competition?   Business as usual is clearly not the answer. If we are to meaningfully impact on the growing complexity of our challenges, greater openness in how we do so is a prerequisite. Open Philanthropy is an emerging… Read more “Rethinking philanthropy means going open”