Rethink Strategy


Systems change requires system strategies

Seth Reynolds and Charlotte Lamb

Every organisation places itself at the centre of its universe. Whilst we will consider other organisations and the wider environment as part of our planning, we’ll generally frame them as either supporters or blockers for our own mission. Rarely do we consider where we sit in the wider system. Making the kind of system-wide changes that we believe we need in the UK charity sector means radically rethinking how we approach strategy.  We set our organisational strategy because we think it’s the best way to achieve our mission. Yet, hard as it may be to admit it, none of us… Read more “Systems change requires system strategies”

Being adaptive means sharing decision-making and power

Charlotte Lamb

The pandemic has shown how important it is for charities to be able to respond to changes in their environment quickly. To be adaptive you must be able to swiftly sense changes in your environment or to people’s needs; and you must be able make fast decisions about how to respond to such change.    Strategy is traditionally developed by senior leadership to be implemented by everyone else. Your three-to-five-to-ten-year strategy probably includes detailed plans for what you want to achieve and the activities and programmes you will do in that period. If these decisions are fixed by leadership, there can… Read more “Being adaptive means sharing decision-making and power”

A charity’s culture is fundamental to its strategy

Charlotte Lamb

As the famous saying goes, usually attributed to Peter Drucker, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. A charity’s culture can undermine or reinforce its strategy, and by extension its ability to deliver impact. Some charities who adapted quickly to the pandemic often cite their organisational culture as enabling them to do this. It’s safe to say it matters a lot.   Yet despite its importance, we often don’t give our organisational culture enough thought. The sort of organisational culture we want to foster should be explicit and foundational to our strategy. Nurturing it should be a priority for implementation.  Our shared beliefs,… Read more “A charity’s culture is fundamental to its strategy”