Insights: Ensuring young people can access the right support

Kathryn Dingle

Looking to access services

When accessing services young people have two main routes: to look for recommendations from people they trust or for recommendations online. Read more in my previous post.

However, regardless of the route they take they will still look into the org to see if it right for them. They will end up online (on the website or social media accounts).  

Searching online

One of the major barriers for young people is creating to pick the right option for them. This is due to not having clear information. When searching online young people are looking to find information quickly. Most are looking to answer four key questions:

  1.  What is it?
  2. Can I attend it? This could include answering questions like, am I eligible? Can I fit it into my timescale/timings? Does it fit to my budget?
  3. Is it worth my time to engage with? This could include answering questions like, what will it do for me? Do they do what they say they will? Has someone like me benefited from this?
  4. Would someone like me attend? This could include answering questions like, Would I be comfortable here? Is it my vibe?

In order to answer these questions, people need clear information. This information can be split into two broad categories:  

  • Logistical/ eligibility information to understand if they can attend. Examples include; any specific eligibility criteria, age range, timings, cost, location and the format of the service
  • Fit to me and my interests: will the service meet my needs; would I be comfortable there and is it my vibe. Examples include; what to expect when I go, how the service differs to other services, what it will do for me, what others think of it, adjustments to meet my needs such as the ability to bring a friend.

By including this information in clear, easy to read and accessible content on a webpage, it will allow young people to make more effective decisions about whether the service is right for them.

Your thoughts

We are keen to hear if anything surprises you or if you have any more insights to add to our work.

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