Join our rethink collaboration workshop on 12th May

Gillian Scholes

Join us on 12th May from 1.30pm – 3pm for our online event: Rethinking collaboration as we rebuild from Covid-19

Covid-19 has shown how organisations can come together to address some of our most pressing social needs. Collaboration has happened at speed in response to the urgency of the crisis. Charities, funders, government bodies and businesses have worked together across traditional divisions and in new ways, often putting aside egos and rivalries.

At the same time, others have struggled to develop or maintain the relationships necessary for collaboration. Working together takes time, effort, and funding, all of which have been under pressure. Collaboration in the crisis has often reflected existing inequalities in society. Smaller organisations and those working with and for people of colour have not shared equal power.

If we are to build back a better society from Covid-19, we need to rethink collaboration in the social sector. We will need to work across boundaries and share ideas across sectors. We will need to reimagine and rebuild social infrastructure, systems and norms to support effective collaboration and address power imbalances.

In this workshop we will bring together charities and funders to discuss what we’ve learned from the crisis and how collaboration needs to evolve, from charities working across issue areas to funders collaborating for a cause.

Hosted by NPC’s Associate Director of Strategy & Leadership, Katie Boswellthis online workshop will be interactive and participants will get to share their ideas and hear from others on:

  • The major challenges and opportunities for collaboration as we rebuild from Covid-19
  • How collaboration with unlikely allies can accelerate social change
  • New ways of working with the potential to rebalance power and address inequalities

This event is part of NPC’s Rethink, Rebuild programme which is helping charities and funders to rethink how the social sector works and rebuild together as we emerge from our shared Covid-19 crisis– places are limited so sign up today to reserve your spot.

Sign up for: Rethinking collaboration as we rebuild from Covid-19

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