Join our rethink strategy workshop on 11th May

Gillian Scholes

Join us on 27th April from 11am – 1pm for our online event: Rethinking strategy as we rebuild from Covid-19.

Over the past year, charities and funders have had to adapt rapidly to changing needs of their users; to the practicalities of working and delivering on their mission remotely; and in some cases to dramatic changes in fundraised and traded income.

As organisations pivot their activities they may ask big questions such as:

  • What happens when there is a mismatch between an organisation’s strategy, and the evolution of the organisation through the pandemic?
  • What factors have supported organisations to adapt and pivot effectively?
  • What have we learned about making good decisions quickly that can be applied in the post-pandemic world? Are there risks in the decision-making practices that have evolved?
  • Has the pandemic uncovered weaknesses or failures in the quality and suitability of strategic planning in the sector?
  • Can we challenge ourselves to tackle strategic questions for the organisation through a systems lens rather than putting our organisation at the centre?

Through our Rethinking Strategy programme we have been evolving and testing some ideas with the sector—we want to work on these further and we need to know what we’ve missed.

At this roundtable we want to think with experts and leaders in the sector about your experiences of strategy through the coronavirus pandemic. To hear about the knottiest issues in strategy over the past year, your successful practices which others can learn from and ideas for the future, which can improve the strategic thinking of the sector.

This event is hosted by NPC’s, Principal of Strategy, Governance, Leadership and User Voice, Charlotte Lamb and NPC’s Principal of Strategy, Sally Bagwell – places are limited so sign up today to reserve your spot.

This event is part of NPC’s Rethink, Rebuild programme which is helping charities and funders to rethink how the social sector works and rebuild together as we emerge from our shared Covid-19 crisis.

Sign up for: Rethinking strategy as we rebuild from Covid-19.

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