Join our rethinking data workshops on 28th May & 8th June

Gillian Scholes

Join us for two upcoming workshops on rethinking data: 

Workshop 1 on 28th May, 10am – 11.30pm: Inclusive data: charting a course 

Workshop 2 on 8th June, 10am – 11.30pm: Shared intelligence: databanks, real people and decisions

Workshop 1:

  • What should ‘inclusive data’ mean, and what could the creation and use of more inclusive data look like?
  • What’s the potential value to the social sector of better equalities data?
  • What are the risks, including of harm, for charities and funders, and how can they be managed?
  • How can the social sector work to deliver an inclusive data agenda that benefits communities and charities who’re working with them? How can it be capitalised upon to improve social sector provision?

Workshop 2:

  • What models for shared intelligence are emerging in the UK and beyond, and what could they offer the social sector?
  • Is triangulation between data sets and other forms of intelligence possible at a collective level, to support needs or situation analysis, and how scalable is this?
  • What are the barriers and enablers to more inclusive situation analysis, at sector and organisational level?
  • What infrastructure would be needed, and how could this be coordinated?

At these roundtables we will draw on leading thinking, and your experience, to explore these questions and consider the implications for charities and funders. They will be hosted by NPC’s Associate Director of Data and Learning, Rosie McLeod, and Principal of Data, Rosario Piazza. Places are limited so sign up today.

These workshops are part of NPC’s Rethink, Rebuild programme which is helping charities and funders to rethink how the social sector works, and rebuilding together as we emerge from our shared Covid-19 crisis – places are limited so sign up today to reserve your spot.

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