Rethink, Rebuild


Welcome to #RethinkRebuild, a place for sharing ideas, innovations, programmes, models and learnings that will be vital for rethinking how the social sector works, and rebuilding together as we emerge from our shared Covid crisis.

At NPC we believe that many of the shifts that have happened, from more flexible funding to greater cross-sector collaboration should be seized upon to rebuild the sector that we know we need.

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Indeed, if we do not seize this opportunity to build back better, we will be tacitly accepting a return to systemic failings that have needed to change for a long time. We have identified five lines of enquiry for a more resilient, equitable, and progressive future for our sector.

Our lines of enquiry:

Understanding, experimenting with and learning what it means to be resilient, agile and adaptive within and beyond the age of Covid.

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Convening funders and grantees to explore and rethink funding systems and cultures.

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Exploring innovation through open & shared approaches to digital, data and learning.

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Experimenting with how we could work together through partnerships, cross-sector working, shared programmes.

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Reimagining the relationship between the charity and the public sector, exploring new approaches to commissioning, lobbying and policy change.

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Join the conversation. If you have a thought, idea or comment and you are unsure where to posit it, please share here.

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Rethink, Rebuild is not a call to action; it is a call to question. We will be using a ‘labs’ approach in which we convene, understand, explore, experiment, and learn together. So, explore the ideas presented here and use the comments to let us know what you think to help us create a better future for charity and philanthropy.

Rethink, Rebuild is supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.