Making it easier for young people to find support

Kathryn Dingle

For the last few years we have been researching, prototyping and now devleoping a web app to help answer the question, how might we make it easier for young people to find support and opportunities in their local area using digital solutions?

I just wanted to share a little update before the easter weekend…

Today we held our monthly young person steering group, made up of young people from across England. In the session we explored the latest updates to the web app and did some card sorting exercises to explore how young people categories opportunities.

Whilst reflecting at the end of the sesison, one young people share a comment which really made the team stop and think, this is exactly why we are doing what we are doing. After exploring the app the young person said,

“I didn’t realise there was so many things going on in Lambeth. I am not from Lambeth. I live near Lambeth but I didn’t know it was happening. It has made me think, what is going on where I live. I need to go and find out because I have no idea.”


This has spurred on the team to really make this proof of concept work for young people in Lambeth (our pilot location), and has spurred on our conversations surrounding future development and the potential to scale/replicate the web app for other locations.

We would love to know how others are tactical this, especially through the use of digital!

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James Harper

Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for sharing this which is a really interesting read. We’re launching a new service for young people in July that will inlcude information to connect people to what’s happening in Stockport. It would be great to learn more on how you are achieving this, particularly through digital

Kathryn Dingle

Hi James, It would be great to connect. I will drop you an email now 🙂

James Harper

Hi Kathryn, that’s great. Haven’t picked up an email yet and I’m away next week, so will pick up your email the week of 19th!