Focusing on three problems: photos from our workshop

Charlotte Lamb

We were mapping the different problems facing young people we could tackle through a digital solution. We came up with three key areas to focus on:

1. The matching problem: young people are not connecting with the right support.
Is this because young people find it hard to identify their needs? Do yp know exactly what they need but they don’t know how or where to find it? Or are they finding services, but there isn’t capacity to support everyone?
Could we help young people better identify their needs through a digital app / Help young people better navigate the services that are available?

2. The reach and capacity problem : How can tech add value to the work of youth workers and increase their reach and further their impact?

3. The service design problem: Current digital solutions may not address needs well—there are common problems that can be addressed across digital services for young people. How can we better design them?

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