Weeknote w/c 4th October 2021

Rose Anderson

What we did

  • We have been preparing for our internal analysis session. We will explore the results of the survey we sent to young people, and then think about what insights it would be useful to share with other people. We will also test a few ideas for presenting the data, to see if we can do more than just a blog post.

What we’re thinking about

We’re continuing to explore how we might improve the availability of charity service data. This project is called Signpost+. There are existing data standards* which focus on increasing the availability of local authority services, such as Open Referral UK. We are keen to build on this work, to bring together this existing data with service data from civil society organisations. We’re exploring the different routes to tackling this challenge, including:

  • User research—exploring the desirability for the tool within charities and existing work. For example, we are catching up with the Open Data Services Coop and Open Referral US soon, so we don’t duplicate their efforts. If you are working in this space, do get in touch!
  • Technical research—exploring the feasibility, applicability, and sustainability of different technical solutions.
  • Ensuring the reliability of information and capacity building—support with the implementation of the technology, and support with copywriting and content design for young people.

Principles for the work

We are keen for both the tools we produce, and the process, to seek to reduce duplication by building upon existing work and collaborating. We want to create tools that move at the speed of trust within the sector, add value to those we are seeking to help, are inclusive, involve minimal effort and are resource neutral for organisations, and run equally well across more than one platform.


We are interested in speaking to someone within Google about our plans for Signpost+. We are, however, struggling to find the right person. We’re interested in speaking to someone who has experience on their work with schema.org, to share learning and coordinate efforts—because the more data we can surface, and the better the data out there, the better the data on Google too. If you know the right person to approach, let us know or get in touch directly by emailing kathryn.dingle@thinknpc.org

Wins from this week

  • We have a new Project Manager! We’ll announce them soon, and we might even update our team photo!


*Data standards are an agreement on the format, structuring, use, and management of data.

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